Lodge of Instruction

Like most things in life, you get more out of Freemasonry the more you put in.

Qualified members of Basing Lodge are encouraged to come along to our rehearsals or Lodges of Instruction. As well as the chance for officers and prospective office holders to practice and fine tune what takes place in our temple during Lodge evenings, it is a light hearted and informal setting for members to get to know each other better. All are welcome, just turn up. If you are not yet a Master Mason, please contact one of the Lodge Officers or your Mentor beforehand. This is just in case a ceremony will be rehearsed which you are not yet able to see.

Importantly, the practice put in by members attending Lodge of Instruction pays dividends during Lodge nights as the whole ceremony has usually been practiced twice before in the month.

Our Lodge of Instruction meets between 7-9pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from October through to May at the Basingstoke Masonic Centre.

Dates for 2018

7th & 21st March

4th & 18th April

2nd & 16th May

3rd & 17th Oct

7th & 21st Nov

5th & 19th Dec