Founder Members of Basing Lodge



W.Bro T.A Pullen* P.M 2809 Beehive -694 Oakley, PPJGD (Kent)
W.Bro Frank Stratford P.M 1046 St Andrews -694 Oakley, PPAGDC
W.Bro Harry Goodall P.M 694 Oakley, PPDGSwdB
W.Bro Walter William Webber P.M 694 Oakley
W.Bro Thomas Cuthbert Chesterfield                 P.M 694 Oakley
W.Bro A.D. Hayles* P.M 3811 Godalming -694 Oakley
W.Bro Edgar Lawrence Longley P.M 694 Oakley
W.Bro Herbert Arthur Allen W.M 694 Oakley
Bro Alfred Kirk J.W 255 Lodge of Harmony
Bro Edward Jesse Clift J.D 694 Oakley
Bro Stanley Ody Stwd 694 Oakley
Bro Frederick John Hunt 1063 Malling Abbey
Bro G.F Bird (Major)* 4653 Old Harrovian
Bro R.G Thomas* 4155 Black Horse of Lombard St
Bro J.M Carter*  
Bro Viscount Lymington (Gerrard Vernon) 4013 Elvetham
Bro A.W. Wills* 694 Oakley
Bro A. Brant* 1987 Strand
Bro Charles Osborne Perry 694 Oakley
Bro Clifton Walter Webber 694 Oakley



      * No other records can be found for the Founder members indicated

                              Date of Warrant, 1st August 1934

                       Date of Consecration, 10th December 1934

       Lodge Consecrated by the R.W Bro. The Earl of Malmesbury - PGM

                                            And assisted by

                         W.Bro Cmdr. H.G Giles R.N, PGD, DPGM