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Thu, 26th April 2018

Initiation - Stephen Hartley

We were honoured with an official visit from the APGM - W.Bro Roy Quin, Grand Lodge officers and Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge, as well as our 31 Members of Basing Lodge and 25 Visitors attending.

Just prior to Stephen Hartley's Initiation, the chair was taken briefly by APGM- W.Bro Roy Quin for the next items and the presentation of 40 year Certificates and lapel pins to Bro John Schulze, W.Bro's Norman Barber, David Bolton and Paul Reavley and our Visiting Officer, W.Bro George Plumbly.

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The chair the rightfully handed back to the WM, Stephen Hartley's initiation ceremony proceeded.  TheObligation was given by the WM,  the North East Corner was presented by W.Bro Stuart Rain, Bro Darren Hitchcock presented the Working Tools and W.Bro Alec Ness gave the Charge after Initiation.




Brother Initiate accompanied with the APGM and WM after the closing of the lodge.











APGM - WM and the Junior and Senior Warden.

We also received Proposals that 2 new members join our Lodge. One is currently a Berkshire Freemason who resides in Basingstoke and the other is a neighbour of one of our members, who asked to join at a recent North Central Area coffee morning.

The After Proceedings were well supported and the main course was quiche, salad and new potatoes. The Raffle raised £277 which will go towards the Lodge Benevolent Fund. W.Bro Norman Barber who organised the St Georges Night along with Bro John Schulze reported that the evening was a great success with £709 being raised during the evening which will go towards the WM nominated charity - St Michael's Hospice in Basingstoke.

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Thu, 22nd March 2018

Raising Bro. Jim Savage to the 3rd Degree

Bro. Jim Savage was raised to the 3rd Degree during an excellent ceremony witnessed by 22 Lodge members and 8 Visitors. Our W.M delivered the Obligation, W.Bro Graham Merry, the Exhortation, W.Bro Paul Reavley, the Charge and W.Bro David Mercer the Traditional History. Finally Bro Jim's Proposer - W.Bro Tim Silver presented the Working Tools.

 The After Proceedings were also well attended, with the After Dinner raffle raising £216. £100 will go toward the Zetland Court raffle tickets, with the balance going towards the Lodge Benevolent Fund. Thank you all for your attendance and support.

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Thu, 22nd February 2018

Initiation - Rob Finn

Rob Finn Initiation, in front of 28 Members and 13 Visitors. The Obligation was delivered by Worshipful Master David Hessom,  ther Working Tools by W.Bro Tim Silver and Charge after Initiation by W.Bro Neil Pinchen.

A eulogy was also read by Bro John Schulze for W.Bro John Tipping who passed away in February. He had been our WM in 1972.

The Raffle at the after proceedings raised £280 which will go to the Lodge Benevolent Fund.

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Thu, 25th January 2018

Installation Night

 Saw the Installation of our WM - W.Bro David Hessom who joined the Lodge in 2009. This was attended by 29 Lodge members and 16 Guests. The Installing Master was W.Bro David Taylor as W.Bro Pat Giltinane was unavailable to attend. The raffle at the After Proceedings raised £281 and will go towards our WM's nominated charity for 2018 St Michael's Hospice in Basingstoke.


Sat, 2nd December 2017

Basing Lodge raise 1200 for Hampshire Young Diabetics Group

Basing Lodge are delighted to announce they have raised £1200.00 in direct and indirect funding for Hampshire Young Diabetics Group.

The amount raised is by a combination of direct funding by Basing Lodge and applying to the Hampshire Freemasons Charity, the Tom Langton Fund. This fund has existed since 1985 with its aim to create contacts between Lodges in the Province and the general public, by supporting local, non-Masonic causes not covered by other Masonic Charities.

The Hampshire Paediatric Diabetes Group supports Young People With Type 1 Diabetes and their families & carers in North and West Hampshire. They provide support, continuing education and networking events for the newly diagnosed and for approximately 150 young people with Type 1 diabetes (age 0-22). They are predominantly under the care of the North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke, consultant paediatricians and their paediatric teams covering clinics at Basingstoke, Winchester, Andover, Alton and Eastleigh.

W.Bro David Taylor - Charity Steward of Basing Lodge highlighted "Having been made aware by one of our members that HYDG was carrying out such fantastic work in the local area, I was delighted to apply for funding and seek the support of our Basing Lodge members for this worthy cause".

Based out of the North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke and established in 1972, the HYDG (formerly Basingstoke Young Diabetics Group) has helped several thousand young people with Type 1 diabetes and their families & carers and is affiliated with Diabetes UK.


Thu, 23rd November 2017

November meeting update

41 Brethren including 11 visitors attended our November meeting which was a 2nd Degree Ceremony. Bro Jim Savage was an excellent candidate and the ceremony was delivered by our DC, W.Bro Graham Merry. Bro Martin Seville presented the Working Tools and W.Bro David Taylor gave an explanation of the Tracing Board.

The After Proceedings were attended by the majority of brethren and the raffle raised £216. £160 will go towards the Widows Christmas Lunch on 3rd December with the balance going into the Charity Stewards fund account.

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Sat, 18th November 2017

Ladies Night raises 800 for Basingstoke Voluntary Action

The annual Lodge Ladies Night took place at the Apollo Hotel, Basingstoke on Saturday evening.


It was supported by 85 Ladies, Gentleman and Brethren and raised £800 for our Master's charity - Basingstoke Voluntary Action. This takes the total raised year to date to £1861.00 - a great achievement so far. 

Thank you to everyone who came along, enjoyed the dinner and danced the night away!


Thu, 26th October 2017

October Meeting

Our Masonic season started off again with a good attendance at our October meeting. The ceremony was an initiation for Darren Hitchcock and was conducted in large parts by his family members, including his father W.Bro Robin Hitchcock of Lodge of Prudence No: 8946 in the Province of Northampton & Huntingdonshire. After opening the Lodge, W.Bro Robin, took over the Masters chair and installed his son with members of Basing Lodge occupying the other officers posts. The ceremony was attended by 47 Brethren including 17 visitors.

The majority of Masons stayed for the After Proceedings meal of sausage casserole. The after dinner raffle was well supported with £247 raised. £200 will go towards the Hampshire Paediatric Diabetes Group charity, based out of the North Hampshire Hospital, with the balance going into the Lodge Benevolent Fund account.